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Contract Manufacturing

The commercialization team at Kel-Glo works closely with our customers to thoroughly understand the project scope, and to align production resources to support the project.

Utilizing a disciplined start-up process, a Kel-Glo representative guides
each project through the commercialization process to ensure a seamless transition, timely delivery, product quality, and ongoing technical support.

Custom Formulation

Led by a Ph.D. scientist, our product development team uses formulary expertise, a disciplined stage-gate process, and close collaboration with customers to develop innovative solutions that meet emerging coating market demands.

Technical Formulary Expertise

        • 40+ years of paint and coating-related experience
        • Staffed by the industry’s top paint and coating experts
        • Extensive ASTM testing capabilities, including washability tester, slip testing, sag resistance, and many other testing and coatings performance instruments

The Stage-Gate Process

        • Five distinct gates: Ideation, Pre-Development, Development, Pre-Commercialization, and Commercialization
        • Accelerates speed-to-market
        • Increases the likelihood of product success
        • Introduces discipline into what could otherwise be a chaotic process
        • Reduces re-work and waste
        • Ensures no critical steps are omitted

    • Customer-Centric Formulary Approach

        • Partnering with customers to understand their needs, defining goals
          and milestones, and gaining commitment from management on
          both sides
        • Developing a formulation using Design of Experiment (DOE) to meet and exceed expectations
        • Validate formulation with parallel evaluation

Small Batch Production

Kel-Glo has nimble manufacturing capabilities, extensive process knowledge, and a wide range of equipment, allowing us to manufacture batches from 1 gallon to 800 gallons with the same precision and efficiency. Our packaging options range from pints to totes, serving your small batch needs, and keeping pace as your business requirements grow.


Batch Scale-Up Support

When your consumption needs change, Kel-Glo is here to support your batch scale-up plans. Our customer-centric approach to manufacturing ensures we can flex production to meet increasing demands, while maintaining Kel-Glo’s quality and reliability standards. 

Comprehensive Testing

Every product Kel-Glo manufactures goes through an array of performance tests using strict ASTM guidelines.  Below are just a few of the performance and quality assurance tests we conduct:

        • Adhesion (ASTM D3359)
        • Washability (ASTM D4828-94)
        • Coating Flexibility (ASTM D522)
        • Freeze-Thaw Resistance (ASTM D2243)
        • Dry Time (ASTM D1640)
        • Resistance to Chemicals. Stains, and Impact (ASTM D2794, D1308, D4752)
        • Weight per gallon (ASTM D1475)
        • Hegman Grind (ASTM D1210)
        • Viscosity (ASTM D562)
        • Gloss (ASTM D523)
        • Hiding capability (ASTM D4147-99)

Technical Support

Kel-Glo’s technical support personnel have decades of coatings
experience. They can help troubleshoot application issues and offer
product recommendations.

Custom Color Matching

Using industry-leading color matching systems, Kel-Glo’s quality control team can precisely match our coatings to a standard PMS color, a paint chip, or color swatch.