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Kel-Glo Corp is a formulator and manufacturer of Specialty Industrial Coatings. We have been manufacturing Specialty Industrial Coatings for the past 50 years and our commitment to our customers has always remained of most importance. 

Still driven by quality, service and responding to evolving market changes and customer needs that require flexibility and the ability to make changes to meet our customers specific requirements.

Our goal is to provide consistent quality products and service for our existing and future customers, which is our most valuable asset.


Kel-Glo Corp. was established in 1913 under the name Kellerman Paints. Boat bottom and house paints were the main Coatings sold under the Kellerman label.

In 1945, Mr. Alton Ward purchased the company and changed the name to Kel-Glo Corp.

In 1984 Kel-Glo changed the ownership to Mr. Ronald Smalzer. Mr. Smalzer brought many years of knowledge in the coating industry. His background varied with many applications and trouble shooting techniques. Mr. Smalzer had a well rounded skill in new product development, quality control and experienced formulated quality products.

Today, Kel-Glo thrives on those fundamentals offering quality products to meet customer needs.

54 N.E. 73rd Street, Miami, Florida, 33138 - Tel: (305) 751-5641  - Fax: (305) 756-6481